Android Q – everything you need to know about the new version of the system

“Android P” version 9.0 is an update that made the system more consistent and complete as part of a larger ecosystem. I must admit that after the killing of the Nexus line and replacing it with the Pixel family, Google is doing very well in creating its own ecosystem, just like Apple.

Fact, Google’s phones are not as popular as apple phones, but there are a lot of other Android phone makers onboard. However, this is not the end of development, and this year we should receive another major update, this time marked with the letter Q. What will be new on our phones?

I see darkness, darkness. Finally!

The extent to which the dark theme for Android and Android P was introduced was a big disappointment for many people. I think a dark theme of Windows 10, which has been rolling for a few updates, comes to mind. Anyway, although different manufacturers have been offering a dark interface theme in their expenditures for a long time, with Android Q it will become a standard option integrated with the system. Changing the theme will include not only the notification menu and the application drawer, but also Settings and all other system details. As it will look more or less, you can see in the screen below:


New icons and new color options

But it is not everything! According to the discovery made by the XDA programmers, the upcoming Android Q will support more thematic options that allow users to change the font, icon shapes and accent colors throughout the user interface. And in my opinion this is a really small revolution, because objectively, Android has not allowed much natively. We could change the main screen and the application drawer, but the appearance of the notification bar and settings were unchanged. Now we can choose one of several shapes or colors of icons. Wonderfully!

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FaceID as a standard

And here again, various manufacturers have begun to use their original, more or less successful face detection technologies. Google understood the trend and everything indicates that in Android Q it will become the standard. Admittedly, we can now unlock the Android phone with the face, but it is based on primitive and rather unsafe algorithms based simply on data from the front webcam. Without sophisticated and complicated detection of facial features, the use of infrared and depth detection.

More control over application permissions

It also turned out that Q will continue what Pie has started and will give even more power to the users. In the new Android, control over application permissions will be even simpler. This is certainly very good news, although I’m not sure how many users will consciously use these options. Unfortunately, it can not be concealed that the awareness of the importance of digital security strongly lowers among smartphone users.

Operators will gain some power over our smartphones

Google is clearly intended to give new tools to operators who will have more control over which networks our smartphone connects to. By means of restrictions, they will be able to block some phones before connecting to their transmitters.

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A lot of changes are also waiting for phones with dual SIM support. Now you can set rules for both slots, and in Android Q you will be able to block the second one when the first one is empty. Theoretically, it sounds not too interesting, but in practice it can give greater room for maneuver not only to operators, but also to users.

Safe and fast, support for 5G, WPA3 and more

Of course, there will be a recently introduced new WPA3 protocol, which will make our connection with the wireless network much safer ā€¦ but these are not fireworks. Much more interesting is the support for 5G technology, which, although it is still in its infancy, will soon become the standard, which is now 4G.

When will Android Q come to our phones?

As always – this is not a simple question. Theoretically, the new version will be presented in May during “Google I / O”. In fact, if our phone is on the list of supported models, in most cases the new system will come to us only in 2020.

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