Google Chrome will consume less RAM?

The use of RAM by the Google Chrome browser is a topic so many times rolled up, on the Internet we find a whole series of memes devoted to this thread. Chrome has eaten RAM since we remember. But can something be done about it? YES! And the giant from Mountain View is just introducing the option to Chrome Canary.

ram meme / chrome killing ram ! xD

Disable best effort tasks is a flag newly added to Canary that launches an experimental memory saving function. And how does he do it? Well, when using Google Chrome, the browser saves user data, clears the cache or reports telemetry data. All these activities are still queued, which affects the RAM load.

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Running a new flag will force the browser to perform these actions at specific times (for example when closing the browser), so that they will not constantly use our hardware resources. This is to significantly reduce the memory demand of Chrome.

To start a new option, just enable the corresponding flag in Chrome Canary: chrome://flags/#disable-best-effort-tasks

It seems that Google is going the right way – it affects the operation of the browser with both disable best effort tasks and the Never Slow function. It also tries to make the card in the browser the most convenient for the user. Let’s hope that the next changes will also affect how the user uses the browser and that his convenience will be in the first place.

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