Google Chrome will let you know if the password you are using has been stolen

Theft of personal data, burglaries to databases, huge information leaks – today such events are not surprising anyone and every user of the network probably heard this incident at least once. In order to be able to use your accounts safely, wherever we have them, we should use strong passwords that no one knows. However, how can we know if the password we used did not appear in any of the data leaks? With Google Chrome!

Google has just released a new extension to your browser, thanks to which, after entering user names and passwords that have leaked earlier in the network, we will be informed about the potential threat. It’s called Password Checkup.

When the extension detects a compromised password, it will display a large red dialog box informing about the change of login data suggested. Of course, some people may be scared of sending their information to Google every time they log in to the network using Chrome with Password Checkup. However, Google reassures that the plugin will never provide a username and password anywhere, and any extension requests sent to Google are anonymous.

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The Mountain View company claims that Password Checkup has been prepared to minimize users’ inconvenience. It will not overburden the user with warnings if he uses such a trivial password as 123456 or password. It will also not deal with other data than the username and password. It is created only to increase the security of passwords.

Of course, you can simply go to the HaveIBeenPwned website and check your password for leaks online, but the extension from Google automatically checks each of our slogans and provides us with information on its security, which is much more convenient.

The extension is available for download

It works with Google Chrome, and after downloading the appropriate plugin (available here) also with Opera.

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