How does VPN work? We advise on how to ensure privacy and anonymity on the web

VPN is a virtual private network. VPN is used to provide the user with greater privacy and security on the network. We explain what it is and how the VPN works.

VPN: what is it?

VPN, or Virtual Private Network – is a virtual private network. VPN makes the connection encrypted, and the true user location is hidden.

VPN encrypts the connection and creates a fake IP number. In private, VPN can be used for secure and private internet connection. Hiding the location makes it possible to bypass, for example, regional blockades. And use websites that are not available in your country. For many, the VPN connection is the only chance to avoid tracing and bypassing censorship. However, it can not be hidden that a private VPN is also used to make it more difficult to locate a user who, for example, watches pirated movies.

How to use VPN?

There are many programs on the market that enable VPN connection. Some of them are free and have limited features, some are paid and offer more options.

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Opera VPN

Opera VPN

This is a VPN embedded in the Opera browser – both in the version for computers and mobile devices. It is easy to use, free and immediately available if you use the Opera.



The developers of NordVPN boast about servers in 60 countries, an easy interface and, above all, connection security. However, you have to pay for it – the monthly access to the service costs less than $ 12, the annual subscription will cost us less than $ 6 a month. NordVPN is available on computers and mobile platforms (Android & iOS).


Windscribe is a free alternative. However, you must remember that the free version has its limitations – 10 GB of downloaded data per month. The unlimited edition will cost us less than 5 dollars. monthly, and the Pro version – $ 9 ..

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