The best free apps for iOS | TOP 10

Do you have an iPhone or iPad, but you do not have any useful programs? We have prepared for you a list of the top 10 free iOS applications.

Have you ever thought about which iPhone to choose, you bought it and are now looking for what are the best iOS apps? The AppStore currently has hundreds of thousands of free software for Apple devices. Many of them are really interesting, but often, to get to real gems, you have to search for a long time. We will help you find the most interesting of them.

In this list, we present recommended applications for iOS, which can be downloaded completely for free. Some of them have paid variants activated through subscription or micropayments, but in practice it does not bother them to fully enjoy their basic functionality. In our TOP 10 you will usually find the best iPhone applications that will help you become more productive or allow you to better use the possibilities hidden in your smartphone.

The list also includes some of the best programs for iPad, allowing you to take full advantage of the potential offered by its large display, strong components and the Apple Pencil. Check what iOS apps we have prepared for you.

The best free iPhone apps:

  • Unsplash – database of free photos in high quality
  • Reeder 3 – a good reader of RSS feeds and more
  • Apollo – Reddit browser created for iOS
  • Vectornator Pro – a program for creating vector graphics
  • Agenda – an application for creating notes and time management
  • Office Lens – a tool for creating photos of documents, boards, etc.
  • WhatTheFont – a font recognition program
  • myNoise – generator of white noise
  • Ulyss – a hinting program where to go on vacation
  • Ikea Place – furnishing a room in VR


If you are looking for good quality wallpapers for your iPhone or iPad, or just like to look at beautiful photos, Unsplash is certainly the place for you. This website brings together thousands of photographers who share their high-definition photos with the community. You can use them for free, even for commercial purposes. The iOS application allows you to conveniently browse the page content and directly set published photos as screen background.

Reeder 3

This is in my opinion one of the best readers of RSS feeds, which by the way enables synchronization with such services as Readability, Instapaper, Feedly, Fever and Feedbin. This program is primarily characterized by a comfortable, aesthetic interface, fast action, very smooth animations and a lot of functions to make reading content more enjoyable. Its current, third version has not yet cost a few dollars, but for several days it is completely free on iOS and macOS.

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If, like me, you regularly lose many hours of your valuable time browsing for Reddit, you will definitely appreciate Apollo. Many people have hailed this app as the best client of this portal available on iOS. Apollo was created in such a way that, in terms of appearance and behavior, it resembles native applications found in iOS. In addition to the great interface, the pros of the program should also include a successful night mode (navy blue or black for iPhone X with AMOLED screen), the ability to easily scroll GIFs and secure access to the application with the Touch ID function.

Vectornator Pro

Vectornator Pro is a powerful program for creating vector graphics. What makes it so good is its high performance and ease of use. Even completely new users can start to create high-quality compositions after a few minutes, which will definitely be eye-catching. The free version contains all the most necessary elements needed to perform graphics. The paid version, dedicated to professionals, unlocks more complex tools and options.


Agenda is a versatile application that uniquely combines functions such as creating notes, task management and calendar. The possibilities of the free version of this program are really huge and will be useful to anyone who likes (or must) take care of the good organization of their time. Thanks to the unique system of linking the created content with dates, the Agenda will be perfect for controlling work progress while carrying out long-term projects and determining what needs to be done. The application is also available on macOS and supports iCloud synchronization.

Office Lens

Office Lens is a camera application created by Microsoft that cuts and improves photos taken of documents, business cards, boards and slides, so that they become more legible. The processed photos can be grouped and saved to formats compatible with Word and PowerPoint programs, PDF files or ordinary JPG photos. The free version of the program limits the number of photographs placed in one document up to 10. The application will certainly be useful for office employees and students.

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WhatTheFont is a small application whose task is to recognize the font used to write the text. The operation of the program is very easy. All we have to do is take a picture of the text and select its fragment, which we are interested in, and the application will after a few seconds display a list of the most suitable fonts for the given case. I rate the accuracy of the application quite well. Most of the fonts we tested were recognized by the program without any errors.


White noise for many is the best way to quickly relax before bedtime or to concentrate in noisy environments. The myNoise application is my favorite white noise generator available on iOS. It offers a rich selection of high quality sounds even in the free version and what is more important to me, it has a built-in equalizer, thanks to which we can very precisely determine the timbre of the sound so that it is as pleasant as possible.


ULYSS is an application that tells you where you should go on holiday. Just tell about yourself, and the program, after analyzing your preferences using artificial intelligence algorithms, will present to you the locations that should appeal to you. Such aspects as time of stay, distance from your place of residence, how much money you can spend on it, and whether you are traveling alone, with your family or with a loved one, are taken into account.

Ikea Place

This free application allows you to virtual furniture housing products available in the IKEA catalog. Thanks to the built-in augmented reality technology in iOS, selected furniture can be freely set on the recognized surfaces, and then viewed at different angles, all so that before buying them you can make sure that they fit in terms of style and dimensions to the room.

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