Trump increases NASA budget.

I guess something was in the memes circulating around the Internet on their own. President Trump has just increased the NASA budget by an additional $ 1.6 billion.

It is no secret that Trump wanted to let NASA boast of something big during his tenure. It is true that the mission of intercepting the asteroid and placing it in the orbit of the Moon has been canceled, but NASA is to focus on Mars. And this year it will be a little easier because President Trump unexpectedly increased the agency’s budget.

For this year, NASA applied for a budget of 19,9 billion dollars. It turned out that they would eventually receive $ 1.6 billion more, or about $ 21.5 billion. Last year, the NASA budget was 20.7 billion. The budget for this year is NASA’s largest budget over the last decade.

This is great news, as virtually every agency project will benefit. Programs related to Earth and other celestial research will receive seven hundred million dollars more than last year, a total of about 6.9 billion dollars. Research on human space exploration will receive $ 5 billion, while last year it was 4.79 billion.

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Interestingly, the new budget did not cancel the WFIRST telescope’s construction program, which is to search for exoplanets and dark matter, whose budget has long been exceeded and was expected to be canceled. Meanwhile, Trump has awarded an additional $ 312 million for this program, provided that its total cost does not exceed $ 3.2 billion, because it was founded by Congress. Also, two missions to the Jupiter’s ice moon, Europe, were not canceled, even though their biggest propagator was a congressman who had ceased to perform his function.

But the most interesting is that the main goal of NASA is still to develop its own crew program and to develop its Mars and moon initiatives, among which the most ambitious plan is to build a Gateway station in the orbit of the moon, which serves as a base for longer missions .

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