Chrome for Android with a dark theme: new colors can now be tested

Chrome users on Android with impatience waiting for the announced implementation of the dark theme, can breathe a sigh of relief. For the test edition of the browser and experimental settings, a flag has been found that allows the inclusion of an early version of the dark colors of the interface. New colors appear then in the settings, in the navigation bar and finally the start page with the built-in Google search engine.

Tests are available to anyone who downloads a Canary Chrome browser. This is an early version of the program, so you can expect errors in the implementation of the dark theme itself. These are not missing at first glance. The colors of some interface elements have not been properly changed yet. However, to test a dark theme, it is not enough to install a test version of the browser. It is necessary to check the advanced settings.

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After installing Canary Chrome, you should enter the settings based on flags. To do this, enter and approve the chrome://flags in the address field. The screen will display a list of experimental options with an additional warning about using them at your own risk. Now, look for the flag # enable-android-night-mode and change its value to Enabled. The browser will inform you about the need to restart, which should be used.

From that moment the Dark mode option should be visible in the Chrome settings, where it should be enabled with the slider. In my case, despite restarting the browser in accordance with the message, this feature appeared only after manual removal of Chrome Canary from the history of the application in Android. The dark theme can be turned on using the last item among the “basic settings”.

After turning on the dark mode, the browser will automatically change the colors of the menu, settings and the home page. There are still many shortcomings, and in my opinion, there may be an overly contrasting address bar or unmatched color of labels when browsing enabled tabs. However, as mentioned in the introduction, we are dealing with an early test version. The function will be refined only with time.

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