Facebook does not tolerate hate and introduces … a ban on displaying white nationalism

Facebook does not tolerate hate
Facebook does not tolerate hate

Political correctness is an extremely controversial topic that arouses a lot of negative emotions in society. This phenomenon is gaining momentum with each month and it is hard not to resist the impression that social media platforms have already fallen into some obsession with it. Let’s look at the latest article posted by Facebook representatives who seems to confirm the above thesis.

Facebook has been trying to remove from the site all hints and manifestations of discrimination against particular social groups. The article entitled Standing Against Hate is in a way the next step to achieving the goal of getting rid of the hate speech from Facebook and Instagram.

The beginning of the published text is basically the information you see in the title of our article. Facebook announces that “today the ban on praise, support and representation of white nationalism and separatism” is introduced on the platform. It was also stated that “the concept of white nationalism is deeply connected with organized hate groups and there is no room for our services for them”.

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Facebook also reminds that the company’s policy for a long time prohibits ill-treatment of people based on such features as race, ethnicity or religion. Until now, the company has thought of nationalism as a broader concept and still realizes that the sense of belonging to a given nation is important and inscribed in a way a human identity.

Facebook does not tolerate hate
Facebook does not tolerate hate

Unfortunately, the mechanisms used by Facebook are not able to separate the expression of pride from being eg white, from spreading acts of supremacy or hatred. The conclusion from this is simple – people will still be able to spread love to their own nation or religious convictions, but the smallest manifestation (even unconscious) of praise or support for white nationalism will be condemned to a blockade.

The company boasts of improving the tools that use machine learning and artificial intelligence, which are reportedly constantly searching for and eliminating in real time a number of hate groups around the world. Facebook also claims that algorithms are not perfect yet, but progress is being made to make them better and more perfect.

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