Gmail introduces dynamic emails. A new e-mail era is coming?

It is impossible to hide that over the last decade, the Internet, as well as most of the services available through it, has undergone profound changes. The dynamic development of the network allowed not only for the technological strengthening of the society, but above all for making the Internet a huge “global village”. It is therefore hardly surprising for large companies that are constantly trying to drive with change and make using the network more comfortable.

Undoubtedly, modern users value speed, minimalism and comfort. Google decided to combine all these things and enter dynamic and interactive emails into Gmail. This innovation is nothing more than support for AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), an open source initiative that allows the construction of fast, attractive and interactive websites. This support will allow you to integrate elements of various websites along with e-mails. I’m explaining what’s going on.

Imagine a situation when someone mentions you in a comment to a specific file shared in Google Docs. So far, each such sign came to the user in a separate e-mail and it was necessary to enter the service specifically and then respond to the message. Now everything will be included in one thread and we will be able to react from the level of Gmail.

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Gmail introduces dynamic emails
Gmail introduces dynamic emails

Google on his blog also gives an example of the Pinterest platform, which also has support for AMP. Thanks to this, if we receive an e-mail with various proposals or photos, entering the platform just to save the idea will soon be unnecessary – Gmail will allow us to do it directly in the received e-mail.

Gmail introduces dynamic emails
Gmail introduces dynamic emails

The same applies to parties that allow hotel rooms to be booked. Now, almost the entire procedure of ordering a hotel is to be done from the email – efficiently and without major complications.

Gmail introduces dynamic emails
Gmail introduces dynamic emails

An interesting idea is also the option of responding to invitations addressed to us. Google presented how this function works on the example of an email received from Doodle. The content of the message contains a request for a meeting, and below the text there are several options for choosing the right date. We do not have to answer writing a formula – just one click and the matter settled.

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Gmail introduces dynamic emails
Gmail introduces dynamic emails

The functionality is to be implemented in Gmail over the next few weeks, but it is worth clarifying one issue. Support for AMP does not mean that all e-mails will be interactive. It all depends on external companies and whether they want to create something like that. Probably, innovation will be used routinely by advertisers who will be given a chance to create SPAM and interactive offers.

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