Google: Windows 7 is not secure, install Windows 10 and update Chrome

Google recommends Windows 7 users to stop acting on sentiment and take care of their security. Due to the 0-day vulnerability, Google recommends switching from a nearly 10-year system to today’s Windows 10. Because the attack begins with vulnerabilities in Google Chrome, it is recommended to install the latest version of the browser.

The warning was issued because attacks on the network were observed using 0-day. This is not only a theoretical description of vulnerability, but a method of obtaining higher privileges on victim computers practiced by cybercriminals.

Specialists from Google say that those using the vulnerabilities described are directed against Windows 7 users. Probably the only vulnerable version of the Microsoft system. Newer editions of Windows introduce various security features. In particular, Windows 10 is well protected against such attacks. That’s why Google recommends changing to the “Windows 10” and installing new patches on a regular basis. Similarly, we should deal with Chrome. It also does not hurt the extra caution when using PDF files – an attack using them will be possible until April.

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