8chan disabled by the server provider

Not only Cloudfire, but also Voxility, a server service provider, does not want to be associated with 8chan. This of course means completely turning off the controversial forum. Interestingly, by the way, there is another company, Epik, who got involved in the confusion a bit unnecessarily.

Recall last weekend in the United States there were two shootings: in Dayton in Ohio and El Paso in Texas. In the latter case, the perpetrator preceded the attack by publishing a nationalist manifesto on the “8chan” forum, to which the administration of the site closed its eyes, consistently practicing the principle of unlimited freedom of expression. Public opinion reacted with a wave of criticism. Business relations with forum owners broke up “Cloudfire”, a company providing protection against denial of service attacks (DDoS).

Now, the 8chan forum forum is facing an even bigger problem, because hosting has blocked access to their site. And he did it completely unexpectedly. Fearing such a blockade and at the same time wanting to find a replacement for Cloudflare, 8chan yesterday entrusted the infrastructure to Epik, which has an extremely liberal reputation. The fact of fact provides services including also to the neo-Nazi daily Daily Stormer. It’s just that Epik is just an intermediary.

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It has come to light that Epik uses behind-the-scenes resources from the large German company Voxility. And the other ones got so angry that they completely removed the existing partner from their network. – This is the second situation in which we have a problem with this broker [Epik] and we can not accept it – said vice president for development of Voxility, Maria Sirbu, quoted by The Verge. As a result, 8chan disappeared from the network, at least for the moment, and the Daily Stormer and other publishers convinced of Epik’s services were hit as well.

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