Office 365 has fallen victim to malware. Service users target a dangerous Trojan

Office 365 is a growing service and cybercriminals have decided to use this fact. A fake website was created that impersonates the Microsoft platform. Visitors to the site are encouraged to update their browser, but malicious code is hidden underneath. This is a Trojan called TrickBot.

Office 365 fell victim to malware that first impersonates the service and tries to install TrickBot victims on computers under cover. It allows stealing logins and passwords, and is therefore a great danger. How does the new attack work?

Cyber criminals have created a website similar to the Microsoft service and Internet users are encouraged to update their web browser there. The target are Chrome or Firefox users, and depending on the browser they display messages in the form of the Chrome Update Center or Firefox Update Center. Unfortunately, clicking the Update button will download the malware.

TrickBot, which is downloaded and installed on victims’ computers, in addition to stealing passwords, also allows hackers to access browsing history or data related to auto-complete fields. The downloaded information is sent to external servers.

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Malware attacks are nothing new. Cybercriminals are constantly trying different ways to steal victims’ data. Use the website scanner.

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