5 reasons not to buy a new iPhone 11

At yesterday's hardware event Apple unveiled the new iPhone 11 in three variants and a few other devices and services. We wrote mainly about the advantages of this upcoming generation, but the disadvantages, such as a small technological leap (apart from the camera and camera) compared to its predecessor, did not escape our attention. Today we will look at those darker sides of the iPhone that Apple prefers not to mention.

No support for 5G

When we pay PLN 3599 for a phone, because the price of the iPhone 11 starts from this much, we expect it to resist the test of time. Connectivity is a key feature of smartphones, and most of this year's flagships have 5G network support. Most, but not a new iPhone. It's a big loss.

Not fully advanced AR functions

Apple is working on advanced functionalities under the augmented reality banner. So that the upcoming iPhone Pro can cope with them, the company equipped it with a U1 chip using Ultra Wideband technology, which gives it spatial orientation. However, only next year's generation will have the U2 chip, supporting a truly advanced AR. Apple has accidentally confirmed that it is working on a set (goggles?) AR, and the iPhone 11 may not be fully compatible with it.

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No Pro functionality

Branding "Pro" on new iPhones is a bit unjustified. Although this series has some improvements when it comes to the camera and battery, it actually lacks functionality that would take it beyond other flagships. Examples? Samsung Galaxy Note 10 with stylus support or HUAWEI P30 Pro with 50x zoom. It's hard to find at least one thing that would make iPhone 11 Pro stand out.

Huge notch and outdated design

The new iPhone 11 Pro still has a huge notch and the same design as its predecessor. This design seems a bit old compared to the Galaxy Note 10, OnePlus 7 Pro or a few other flagships. In the following years, the effect may be even more noticeable.


After all, virtually the entire industry is adopting the USB-C standard, but the new iPhone is stuck with the Lightning connector. In the coming months, USB-C chargers and accessories will be ubiquitous, and iPhone users will have to dongle everywhere.

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They are probably not the only reasons not to buy iPhone 11, but they are probably the most significant. Are there more reasons to buy it? It depends on individual customer preferences. We think that Apple fans do not need to be persuaded to buy, and the rest – it makes no sense.

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