A handful of new products in the Whiteboard app for Windows 10

What is the Whiteboard app? As the name suggests (white board), it's simply an interactive space to which we can transfer our ideas and work with them in a variety of ways. If you use the Whiteboard application for Windows 10, it is worth checking out the new update, which adds two interesting news. Here's what's new in the application with version 19.10825.4121.0, which you can download directly from Microsoft Store:

Whiteboard application

  • Object selection – improving the selection and grouping function to simplify the display and understanding of selected content.
  • Immersion reading tool – provides a set of tools such as focus mode, locating parts of speech and visual dictionary to allow students to better decode text on the board and, as a result, improve reading comprehension. This feature is available when you log in with an education account.

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