Addressed issue with unnaturally orange screenshots in Windows 10

Users report that screenshots taken after the recent Windows 10 update are … yellow. It is as if a yellow filter has been put on to age the photo. Some even experienced that after logging in the whole system is maintained in orange-red colors. Theories, as usual, were different, but eventually a cause and solution was found.

It was hypothesized that the main culprit was probably the video drivers, although it was not difficult to get the impression that the functionality "Night display" automatically set a high color temperature. How was it actually? This explains Microsoft:

When creating screenshots or using other tools (such as the Snipping Tool or the Snip and Sketch), the output images may have an unnatural orange tint. This problem is caused by the Eye Care mode in Lenovo Vantage. The problem began around September 5, 2019.

To solve the problem, no specific Windows update is needed. WITH guide on the Lenovo website we find out that in the Lenovo Vantage 4 settings turn off Eye Care Mode and click the "Reset" button. If you are using Lenovo Vantage version 10, also enter the display settings, click the "Reset" button, disable Eye Care Mode, and deselect the option to schedule that mode on at set times.

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Nighttime viewing turned out to be problematic, but not these strictly in Windows 10 1903, and provided by Lenovo. Since the problem is not on the system side, Microsoft did not have to mention it on fix lists last patch Tuesday.

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