Another Edge Dev update removes the Windows 10 error in S mode

A new Microsoft Edge build was released yesterday in the Dev channel. The most important new products are related to the functioning of the Collection, which can now be organized using the keyboard. Build ten, apart from introducing new products, corrections and improvements, also caused small problems for users of S mode in Windows 10. This error caused the display of an unverified publisher message.

This problem only occurred in S mode and new update number shared today, corrects this error. This is the only change in this build, all the rest is the same as the version released yesterday. If you want to check the full changelog, then you will find it in our news yesterday on the subject.

For the record – S mode is a special limited Windows 10 mode intended mainly for corporate and educational needs. It is characterized by greater fluidity and security, mainly due to the restriction only to applications from the Microsoft store. We will not install Win32 applications on it. Initially, Windows 10 S was a separate system, installed by default on Surface Laptop, and Microsoft offered a free upgrade to Windows 10 Pro. Then the situation was turned around, changing Windows 10 S to the optional S mode, which, however, is not very popular.

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