Behind the scenes of Surface Headphones

Surface headphones were a completely new member of the family, and Microsoft in their creation was guided by the desire to achieve virtually the same goals as for any other Surface device. He wanted to create the perfect tool to support human activity in various fields. The giant did not want to make any unnecessary compromises. A new video has just appeared on the Microsoft Surface channel, showing the backstage of the creation of Surface Headphones. People involved in the design process talk about their adventure with creating headphones.

Surface Headphones

We didn't want to create more multimedia headphones. We wanted to create a tool to support productivity. Something that would help the user at work, eliminating the surrounding noise when you need a moment of focus. At the same time, it would be able to amplify important sounds during a conversation, for example.

One of the key elements of Surface Headphons is Dial, i.e. knob. This is of course not the first time when Microsoft introduces such a mechanism to its devices, but in the case of Surface Headphones it has a special task. It provides smoothness and precision, thanks to which we can achieve the ideal level of noise suppression or amplification.

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For designers, the goal mentioned above was the most important – the desire to solve real human problems. Headphones let you cut off from reality – they provide us with a private comfort zone anywhere, which is why Surface Headphones were created.

However, this is not the only goal. It is worth remembering that the headphones are integrated with the Cortana digital assistant, which, although it is now as if between life and death, Microsoft does not intend to write it off. Surface headphones are Microsoft's first such personal device offering such possibilities, and this is just the beginning. These are headphones that were not created solely for the benefit of sales. In this way, Microsoft wanted to create the foundation for the further development of its smart devices that will make our lives more convenient, giving us more opportunities.

Surface Headphones

Unfortunately, in our country, Surface Headphones are not officially available. Rather, they would not enjoy shocking popularity because they are simply expensive. Their price would be around PLN 1200-1400. Additionally, considering the fact that Cortana doesn't understand Polish, we lose one of the key functions at the beginning. Microsoft is planning to release a smaller and probably cheaper version of Surface headphones, this time in the ear version. Who knows, maybe on October 2 we will be surprised by something special in this context.

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