Cumulative updates for Windows 10 with a patch for Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is a monument that lags far behind modern browsers, but it is still supported, so in the case of bugs and vulnerabilities it receives patches. In today's Windows 10 cumulative update series, IE is the main (and probably the only) beneficiary. While updates are security-related, they do not belong to Patch Tuesday, so you should treat them as optional.

The patched vulnerability has been marked as CVE-2019-1367 (Scripting Engine Memory Corruption Vulnerability). The description published by Microsoft shows that it concerns the way the script engine handles objects in memory and allows the attacker to remotely execute code in the context of the current user. If the user is logged in as an administrator, the attacker has the same privileges. After attacking the exploit, he can install programs, view, modify and delete data, as well as create new accounts. The attack takes place via a crafted website that can be prompted to the user, e.g. in an email. The patch modifies the way the script engine handles objects in memory.

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The following versions of Windows 10 have been updated today:

Judging by the number of changes, today's series may not be what we call the second round of updates for a given month, but a single "hotfix". Other patches that are no longer related to security may be available in the following days.

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