Excel – Auto-height row height

Probably everyone who used to work in Excel encountered the problem of matching the size of cells to their content. In simple sheets, we can manually expand and narrow rows and columns both horizontally and vertically. Unfortunately, Excel does not dynamically change the size of cells, matching it to the content. However, we can do it at one go by automatically adjusting the row height and column width. Depending on our preferences, we can do it immediately for the entire sheet or for any selected area.

How do you turn on row height auto-matching?

  1. Let's take a look at the sheet, which immediately shows that in some cells there is too much free space, while in others the opposite – their content simply does not fit:
  2. How do I adjust the height of a row automatically?

  3. Now we can only select the selected area, but it will be easier to select the whole. To do this, click the button Select all marked with a triangle in the upper left corner or we make an abbreviation Ctrl + A..
  4. How do I adjust the height of a row automatically?

  5. Now on the ribbon Main tools we find the section cells and click Format. Choose from the menu Auto-height row height.
  6. How do I adjust the height of a row automatically?

  7. The height has been adjusted. However, not everything looks good – it's also worth taking care of width.
  8. How do I adjust the height of a row automatically?

  9. To this end, we again select everything and from the menu Format choose Auto-adjust column width.
  10. How to auto-adjust column width?

  11. In this way, our rows and columns have acquired optimal sizes.
  12. How to auto-adjust column width?

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