Further changes in the mobile applications Outlook, OneDrive and SwiftKey

Although Microsoft's mobile applications are updated quite often, today's day is unique in this respect. We have already written about changes in Microsoft Launcher on Android and Microsoft Teams on iOS. Now we'll take a look at the next mobile applications: Outlook, OneDrive and SwiftKey.

Outlook on Android has an interesting feature that will deal with attachment limits. Update 4.0.15 introduces the ability to compress video directly in the Outlook application. This will save both memory space and transfer. This is basically the only change noted in this version.

OneDrive for iOS has meanwhile dark theme. If iOS 13 is installed on our device, just turn on the dark theme in the system settings. Microsoft was waiting for this release of Apple's system (like the Android 10 release) to be able to integrate theme support with the system. Outlook will automatically switch to the dark theme depending on the setting we choose, and in the case of the Android version – also when we activate the power saving mode.

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The SwiftKey iOS version has also received some new features. The update was released today to accompany the release of iOS 13. The first change is of course the support for the dark theme, which in iOS 13 is a system-wide setting. The second change is the ability to create an account using the Sign In with Apple function. In other words, we log in with an Apple account, just like for some services, we can log in with a Google, Facebook or Microsoft account.

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