Google is losing users to Office 365 through a government contract

Microsoft has been on the wave for a long time when it comes to government contracts for cloud services, and its recent win will cause 84.5 thousand users to switch from Google Apps for Government to collaboration tools and email in Office 365.

Microsoft took over one of the largest contracts from Google when the US Department of Internal Resources awarded it to Planet Technologies – The Microsoft Cloud Experts and its partners. The contract amounts to USD 94 million. As of 2012, these services were provided by Onix, Google's ISV partner, who did not protest the loss of the contract. Interestingly, it promises that the new offer will cost the agency several million more, but Microsoft will also provide more services.

This cloud-based solution will support DOI employees by improving collaboration methods, document flow, communication capabilities, streamlined email usage and management, and overall enhancing the business performance of DOI's mission, costs and goals. DOI's goals include developing an integrated partnership to create a project that will transform accounts, data, technical controls, authentication or access functions and applications that make up the current e-mail and collaboration system in the cloud into a modernized, secure, service-rich system for cooperation and mail service.

– United States Department of Internal Resources

The Office of Management and Budget revealed in June that 75% of government e-mails are now in the cloud and will be Microsoft's cloud for DOI for the next 10 years.

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