Huawei has found an alternative to Windows 10. It's Linux Deepin!

Recently we laughed at episode It was a week with Microsoftthat 2020 will not be a Linux year again. It is possible that this joke will soon cease to be funny. All thanks to Huawei, which released the popular MateBook series in the new version with Linux. Specifically, this is a very nice and quite popular Deepin distribution. Linux fans should thank in particular the US administration, which decided to hinder the life of the Chinese giant and deprive him of access to Android, but also to Windows 10.

Huawei Deepin

Unfortunately there is one catch – Deepin is a Chinese distribution and this unique variety of MateBook is directed, at least for now, only to the Chinese market. Of course, each of us can use this distribution, regardless of where we live. So it's possible that this future version of MateBook will also appear in the west. This is really a very interesting and thoughtful Huawei movement, which is looking for a good alternative for Android and Windows 10.

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New versions of MateBook 14, 13 and Pro outside the system also differ from the previous version in price. They are cheaper than the original with Windows by about $ 42. Huawei also decided to delete, which is logical, the key Windows and replace it with a more universal key Start. Deepin is one of the most beautiful Linux distributions, although its Chinese roots have caused quite a few privacy-related controversy.

While in China MateBook with Deepin really can "grab", in the west Windows 10 has monopolized the market so that the potential group of interested is not large. This group includes, among others, administrators who deal with the management and maintenance of servers working under Linux. Often they buy a computer without a system to be able to install their favorite Linux distribution on it.

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