Is this the end of Office 365? The latest Insider build as Microsoft 365

When talking about things that happen in Office 365, Microsoft often generalizes to Microsoft 365. This probably has its marketing basics, but it is not necessarily understood by everyone. After all, Microsoft 365 is a subscription for businesses and it's not as common as Office 365 and Windows 10 in stand-alone forms. However, when we consider release plans Microsoft 365 for consumers, frequent references to M365 take on a new meaning.

Microsoft 365 is a set connecting subscriptions Windows 10, Office 365, Enterprise Mobility + Security, and in some plans also Azure. The latest update from Office Insider, meanwhile, suggests that Office 365 may lose its significance as a brand, because new branding is appearing on the Welcome screen – Microsoft 365.

Microsoft 365

Of course, this change may be associated with the upcoming Microsoft 365 consumer version, which would include Microsoft Teams for Life – a special version of Teams for individual users, designed for typically personal, not business applications. According to recent rumors, this version may be shown at the Surface conference in October. In addition, the name "Office 365" makes less and less sense, because the package's capabilities go far beyond the creation of documents, and many of its users do not work in the office at all. You can hear the "office package" less often and the "productive package" more and more often and in our opinion it is quite justified. So does Microsoft want to resign from the Office brand?

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It is not yet known what Microsoft is preparing. Perhaps it will turn out on October 2 on the said Surface conferences, which subjects obviously need not (and probably won't) be limited to equipment. If Microsoft decides that Office is no longer a meaningful name for the package, it would be one of the largest rebranding in the company's history. Nearly one billion people in the world have got used to this name and probably some will find it difficult to understand why "Microsoft" would better suit office and productive applications than "Office".

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