Microsoft collects feedback from Linux users to improve Edge

For most of its life, Microsoft Edge has never been especially versatile when it comes to multi-platforming. Initially released only for Windows 10 (as Project Spartan), it hit the iOS and Android platforms after a while, but the real breakthrough came only after switching to the Chromium engine. The new Edge has become available for Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and macOS, and its developers do not hide that they are also thinking about the port for Linux. Strong indications have just emerged that work on the latter has already entered a serious track.

The first confirmation came in May, when at one of the Build Conference sessions on the list target platforms for the new Edge Linux appeared. A month later these plans they confirmed browser developers themselves:

From a technical point of view, nothing blocks us from creating Linux binaries and this is definitely something we would like to do along the way. However, there is still a lot of work to make them "ready for the customer" (installer, updaters, user synchronization, bug fixes etc.) and something that we could proudly share with you, so we are not ready to undertake this task yet .

In the following months there was silence on this topic, as developers prioritized refining the new Edge for Windows. Or as they said on the way im with linux? I think so, because they have just published a survey in which they ask Linux users (specifically web developers) about their browser opinions, including:

  • What Linux distribution is most important to them when creating web applications.
  • What scenarios they mainly use in Linux browsers.
  • What kind of browser installation on Linux devices do they expect.
  • What are their other Linux browser needs?
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It looks like Microsoft is just laying the foundation for Edge on Linux and is therefore asking for developer feedback. The survey entitled Web Development on Linux Survey can be completed here.

It is worth recalling that Microsoft has recently confirmed work on Teams on Linux. While the giant is slowly becoming convinced by this platform – also when it comes to its own programs – we can expect more such projects in the future. Linux as a usable system is still a niche, therefore, the need for this software will be an important factor.

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