Mixer has started displaying ads on selected channels

Mixer, Microsoft's growing streaming platform, finally began to display ads. This was announced in the weekly program "Level Up Cast", whose hosts explained that initially the ads will appear on Microsoft's own channels, but also on partner channels. The giant calls it an experiment. What does he lead to?

Users of the Pro subscription platform will not see any ads on the page, nor will subscribers of partner channels (on these channels). Profit from the first ads will go to Microsoft and it is not yet known will he share it with his partners in the future?. Two months ago, Mixer's co-founder, Matt Salsamendi, explained on Reddit that the company had already begun sharing advertising revenue with partners, despite … there were no ads on the platform yet:

We've recently started several advertising-related experiments. Our partners are already receiving what we call "synthetic advertising profit," which basically means that we pay them as if their viewers watched the ads (even if they don't) to make up for the missing revenue in the meantime. Ads are part of the "long-term plan", but there are no urgent ads yet.

Microsoft recently allocated an indefinite sum of money to bring Twitch's superstar Ninja to Mixer. He began broadcasting only here and turned the eyes of the world on the platform, whose sense of existence was questioned by many. It seems that Microsoft not only aggressively promotes its service, but also begins to monetize it. On the other hand, we do not think that at least in the near future Mixer will become as collapsed with ads as Twitch or YouTube.

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