More convenient ordering of Collections in Microsoft Edge Dev (build

At the Build 2019 conference Microsoft announced Collections in Edge, and last month they went to the test version of the browser. Of course, we know that this is a fairly early implementation and not everything works perfectly yet. Yesterday's update in the Dev channel, however, improves this and that. In addition, we get a handful of stability and performance improvements.

Microsoft Edge Dev – new in build

  • New feedback options have been added. When we click the diagnostic data link in the feedback window, we now have the option of attaching additional files, such as screenshots, as well as reproducing the problem to provide a richer log.
  • Opportunity added ordering Collection items using the keyboard.
  • A management policy has been added that allows syncing history on work and school accounts.

Microsoft Edge Dev – stability improvements in build

  • An issue syncing favorites has been resolved.
  • An issue has been resolved where dragging and dropping items on some internal pages (e.g. Favorites) during which items sometimes disappeared.
  • An issue has been resolved where the browser would crash when exporting Collections to Word.
  • Improved reliability when logging in to the browser using a work or school account.
  • Improved reliability when starting Application Guard sessions.
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Microsoft Edge Dev – performance improvements in build

  • An issue with missing commands in the tab's context menu has been resolved.
  • An issue has been resolved with pages installed as applications that did not start.
  • An issue opening the PDF in the Application Guard window has been resolved.
  • An issue with the profile image that sometimes did not update has been resolved.
  • An issue has been resolved where the "Find on Page" function would sometimes disappear when you dragged the card to another window.
  • An issue has been resolved where the Applications page would close when running applications from it.
  • An issue with the aloud reading bar that sometimes became transparent has been resolved.
  • An issue has been resolved where attempts to open multiple Collection items in a new window – instead, each opened in a separate window.
  • An issue has been resolved where the Collections context menu did not disappear when a new context menu outside of Collections was opened.
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