.NET Core 3.0 already in the RC phase. Premiere in a few days

Microsoft announced the release of .NET Core 3.0 Release Candidate 1. As with Preview 9, it focuses on recent patches before the final release, which N.B. is getting closer. General availability is expected on September 23 at .NET Conf.

Why exactly RC1? In a post about Preview 9 (September 4), Microsoft suggested that this would be the last update before the premiere, but it was an error that had to be clarified:

For technical and historical reasons, the .NET toolkit (compilers, NuGet client, MSBuild …) is duplicated between Visual Studio and the .NET Core SDK. Important changes introduced to this set as part of Visual Studio 2019 16.3 Preview 4 are also released today. The key is that the .NET Core SDK version, which is part of any Visual Studio, contains the same set of tools to ensure consistent experience in all scenarios.

We should have realized that there is a high probability that we will need to make changes available to customize the next Visual Studio development release. Applying such patches to the .NET toolkit is the standard operating procedure. We could release the new .NET Core SDK and provide it only through Visual Studio, but we've broken down this approach by people in the (distant) past. As a result, when we release the new .NET Core SDK, we make it available to everyone and everywhere.

– Richard Lander, Program Manager, .NET Team

.NET Core 3.0 Preview RC1 is supported by Microsoft and can be used in a production environment. Lander adds that .NET Core 3.0 is almost ready, and the development team is focused on stability and reliability, no longer building new features.

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