The battery indicator is available to everyone in the Your phone application

Two weeks ago we wrote about the newly discovered functionality in the Your Phone application. It is an indicator that allows you to check the battery charge without having to reach for the phone. That's what this app is all about! After a period of testing with Insiders, the function is now available to everyone.

This availability has been reported by Analy Otero Diaz, Senior Program Manager Lead at Microsoft. We also learned more about the function itself. Well, during the holidays, it was created by apprentices. Thanks to the indicator, we don't have to be afraid that our telephone will fall when we don't have it on hand. The information will be visible in the PC application. This is a practical addition to writing messages, enveloping notifications or flipping photos, i.e. things your phone can already do.

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A new battery icon has appeared in the upper right corner of the panel with the thumbnail and device name. A bar symbolizing the charge level is displayed on it, and when we move the pointer over it, we will see the level in percent. Of course, it would be nice if the percentage view could be displayed constantly and the application sent alerts when the level drops below the line. Perhaps these features will be added as your phone develops.

The Your Phone application will be downloaded free of charge from Microsoft Store.

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