The Google Assistant will speak in 9 new voices. Polish users still doomed to this default

Since the Google Assistant spoke in a Polish voice, our phones have become so closer to us. After all, we can always talk to him a little, if we feel a moment of loneliness. Of course, you have to be really desperate to help in the digital assistant, but hey … finally we have the 21st century and the script of the movie "Her" is getting closer to reality. Now Google is taking the next step in the development of the assistant.

To make the assistant even closer to us, Google initially gave us 11 votes. So that everyone chooses the sound of their favorite digital friend. Unfortunately, all are limited to English only. Now the giant is expanding this list with 9 new languages, among which, unfortunately, there is no Polish. Well, in the context of digital assistants, we're used to waiting at the end of the queue.

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The new languages ​​are German, French, Danish, Norwegian, Italian, Korean, Japanese, British and Indian English. The last two are the most interesting. It is known that accent plays a significant role, but I suspect that this demarcation in this case mainly concerns differences in vocabulary.

When will we receive new voices in our native language? It is difficult to say, but taking into account the difference in the functionality of the Polish assistant in relation to the English original, which translates directly into its popularity in our country, it will not happen soon.

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