We create a backup in the cloud in the Microsoft Authenticator application

Microsoft Authenticator is an application that through a one-time code generator enables secure verification of logging into Microsoft services. First of all, it allows us to opt out of passwords and confirm logging in by phone. Now it has a new functionality, which is backup and restore from the cloud.

New capabilities mean that Android users can back up their authentication data to the cloud, and then easily and securely transfer it to a new device when needed. This functionality has been gradually available over the last weeks and today 100% of devices with the application version 6.6.0+ have it. After updating the Authenticator, we can start testing it.

Cloud backup

To make a copy, just go to Application Settings and tap the switch Cloud backup. The copy will be created instantly. Restoring it is just as easy. When we install Microsoft Authenticator on a new device, the recovery option will appear on one of the first screens – before adding the account.

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The Microsoft Authenticator application can be downloaded free of charge from Google Play Store.

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