Will Surface Pen be charged wirelessly for Surface Pro 7?

It will take place in less than two weeks Surface hardware conferencewhose main point is to be Surface Pro 7, but the next generation Surface Pen is also being talked about louder. New leads in this case say that the pen can join the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Pen and Apple Pencil when it comes to wireless charging.

Application submitted to FCC suggests that Surface Pro 7 Pen (of course, in the application this name sounds less interesting – Microsoft Corporation stylus pen 1853) will be charged wirelessly. As we know, filing for certification by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is a mandatory practice before the equipment is released on the market and is usually a harbinger of the upcoming release. This application presents a device equipped with a charging coil, which is an integral part of wireless solutions. Surface Pen is already magnetically attached to Surface, which is why the new solution can make the tablet charge the pen. This will avoid the need to buy AAAA batteries.

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We have already written about the new pen. The certificate shows that it may have U-shaped clipwhich is supposed to act as a mouse wheel. This will allow you to scroll or change pages, as well as zoom in and out with one finger. The accessory will also support Bluetooth Low Energy, which will allow you to work longer on a single charge. In February, a Microsoft patent was released, called "Active Stylus Motion Vector", which describes the improved accuracy of the stylus compared to previous models.

It is almost certain that the Surface Pen will not be included with Surface Pro 7, but will be sold separately. We hope to learn more about him at the conference on October 2.

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