After two years, Microsoft restores comments on MSN News

In 2017, Microsoft temporarily disabled comments on MSN News to look for a better way to manage them in the face of increasing fraud and trolling. Well, a better system could not be found then, and the comments are gone. Return to comments took place now, although Microsoft made it virtually quietly.

Microsoft has abandoned Facebook and has partnered with Spot.IM, which provides a new comment system. Commenting will not be open to all articles, however, and users will not be able to post links in them, but it's still better than nothing. There is one main rule: let's be polite. The specific point is that differences (opinions) in the comments must be expressed in a polite, legally accepted manner and do not offend other members of the community or ordinary readers.

Recall why the comments disappeared two years ago. As a spokesperson for Microsoft explained:

We do not want to end the participation of users in this way, but this is the first step towards creating a better way to engage our recipients in content that interests them. We're working to develop a brand new discussion platform that will enable open debate and at the same time go much further in protecting the user community from abuse and offensive posts. Commenting will not be available for a short time. However, this is a necessary step so that we can create a solution that allows for open and intelligent debate in a respectful environment.

With the return of comments, we can expect that Microsoft will continue to care about the level of comments. The giant warned, however, that in case of repeated violations of the rules, the comments section will be closed again. In other words, be nice to yourself or Microsoft will take toys from you …

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