Apple ridiculed UAC in Windows Vista. Now he implements it himself

UAC, or User Account Control or simply User Account Control, is a controversial protective component introduced in Windows Vista. This mechanism is known for displaying messages covering the entire screen with a question, Do you want to allow this application to make changes to this device etc. It requires the user informed consent (or refusal) to perform important tasks, but too frequent occurrence of his messages was tedious. This fact Apple once used to ridicule Windows, but he also became convinced by this mechanism.

In an ad from the iconic "Mac vs PC" series, the Cupertino company criticized Vista for requiring permission for everything. UAC was indeed persistent and disrupted our workflow, displaying its windows even with trivial activities. While the "Get a Mac – Vista Vs Mac – Security" spot was released around Vista's release, users remembered about it now when Apple released the macOS Catalina update. It provides a number of new features, including a mechanism to protect against unauthorized installations, strongly reminiscent of the infamous UAC.

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Users of the new version of the system immediately noticed that it is now asking for consent more often. As usual, opinions are divided. Some even say that using macOS has become a nightmare. Others, however, see the advantages of the mechanism – after all, thanks to it the system is more secure. There is no doubt that Apple is not the first time modeled on the function of Microsoft.

Adaptation of previously criticized and ridiculed solutions is in the world big tech daily bread. This year we have dealt with it at least twice. First Samsung removed ads in which ridiculed the lack of jack jack on Apple and got rid of it himself, and later Microsoft announced the first Surface tablet with no headphone output – with the option of connecting a dongle, of course, bought separately. Whereas Apple is known for copy get inspired Microsoft Surface patents.

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