Excel – rest from division

When we divide one number by another, we get the quotient, that is, how many times the divisor fits the dividend. He stays with sharing rest, which is a value that "did not fit". Excel will help us calculate it.

How to calculate the remainder of division in Excel?

  1. We start by giving the numbers from which we want to divide the remainder. We enter them in the cells A2 and B2. Our numbers are 23 and 6. For convenience, we will also calculate quotientby doing a division. In the field C2 enter = A2 / B2. However, this is not necessary to calculate the remainder.
  2. Excel - how to calculate the remainder of division

  3. The function is responsible for calculating the remainder MOD. Enter into cell D2 = MOD (A2, B2) and we get the remainder from division, i.e. 5. It's easy to calculate that 6 in its entirety fits 23 only 3 times (3 * 6 = 18), and 23-18 is just 5, which is our rest.
  4. Excel - how to calculate the remainder of division

  5. Functions MOD we can also apply directly to numbers, without the need to put them in separate cells. To do this, enter into the cell = MOD (23; 6) and we get the same result in it.
  6. Excel - how to calculate the remainder of division

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