Fans are asking Microsoft for Windows 10X on Surface Duo. You can sign the petition

Microsoft presented at the October hardware conference a new category of devices with two screenswhose representatives are Surface Neo and Surface Duo. Although they seem to look like one device in two sizes, they differ fundamentally. Neo works under the control of Windows 10X and closest to his tablet. Duo is an Android phone. What if joining these two worlds?

We already know that Windows 10X is based on OneCore – the common core of all varieties of Windows 10, including the version for Xbox, HoloLens or Windows 10 Mobile. It also allows easy transfer of functionality from one system variant to another. Theoretically, nothing prevents you from implementing a dialer and SMS application in Windows 10X. The only question is whether Microsoft wants it. Because fans – by all means. In a petition to Panos Panaya and Satya Nadelli on the site they write:

The newly announced Surface Duo that ONLY supports Android does not do what many UWP developers and Microsoft fans want. We want a Surface Duo device that runs the new Windows 10x OS and which emulates Android applications.


Because there are still many developers who want to write Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps that run on all types of devices. When UWP was announced, you promised one code base for any type of device … including phones and other types of small "pocket" devices. Many programmers, both from the consumer and company side, still want to reach small UWP devices. The thing is, they're gone since you killed Lumia! (…)

BTW, by allowing us to emulate Android applications on the said device, you could achieve the same thing you have already tried to do with Duo, without slamming the UWP door in front of small devices. Surface Duo … a truly "dual" device … supporting Win10X and Android … would give us the best of these two worlds.

The exact design differences between the Neo and Duo models are not known and will probably be kept secret for some time. However, it is known that different prototypes exist and existed. One of them (as Surface Duo) looked like almost exact Neo replica, only smaller. Technically, there is probably no problem for this phone to work under Windows.

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This is not just the domain of programmers. Also, Microsoft fans have been waiting for Surface Phone for many years, which was supposed to work under the control of one of the varieties of Windows Core OS. Will Microsoft listen to these requests and does it make sense to reactivate "Windows Phone"? Many think so. At the time of publication of this text, over 1140 people have already signed the petition.

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