Germany has agreed to Huawei's participation in the construction of the 5G network

Last month Poland has signed a declaration regarding the construction of a 5G networkfrom which Huawei should be excluded. The United States is urging its allies to do the same. However, not everyone used the Trump administration council. Germany has decided to allow Huawei equipment for the construction of the national 5G infrastructure, although there are indications that the company's equipment includes backdoors that allow Chinese surveillance services.

Germany has become one of Huawei's greatest allies in this respect. Poland can certainly be excluded from this list, while Great Britain still cannot clearly define itself. In its statement, the Chinese company warmly welcomed Germany's declaration and spoke against the British campaign:

The politicization of cyber security only hinders the development of technology and social progress without doing anything to solve the security problems faced by all countries. Huawei will continue to openly cooperate with regulators, clients and industry organizations to ensure the security of mobile networks. Over the past 30 years, we've served over 3 billion people worldwide and maintained positive results through security.

By deciding to keep the business with Huawei, Germany will gain access to 5G faster. According to telecommunications companies, excluding Huawei would cost the country billions of dollars, so taxpayers do not have to bear them.

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The Chinese giant was accused of "espionage activities", "theft of technology" and "economic warfare", however, this was not supported by too much evidence and is not entirely convincing, among others Microsoft. On the other hand, in January this year, our authorities arrested a Chinese employee Huawei and a former ABW officer (then an Orange employee), both accused of espionage, which is why the company is under special surveillance.

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