Google will force manufacturers to hide their own navigation solutions

One of the most important news in the update Android 10 is gesture support, thanks to which the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen is no longer needed … at least in theory. Mechanics imposed by Google received mixed reviews, and yet the company tries to force its use wherever possible – also on phones from other manufacturers.

In the latest version of the Google Mobile Services (GMS) agreement, the creator of the system sets new requirements for manufacturers that can significantly impede device personalization. Let's start with the fact that the agreement allows the optional use of gestures from Android Pie on devices with Android 10, nevertheless it is "strongly recommended" that on updated devices they remain only as an option. This allows you to implement both the classic bar with three navigation buttons, and Google-recommended gestures.

What about your own gestures developed by OEMs? They will have a hill. The agreement forces them to hide their own navigation systems as much as possible. Anything other than Google's own methods listed above cannot be mentioned during the first configuration experience and in pop-ups or notifications. Google also wants its own navigation systems to be hidden "one level deeper" in settings, i.e. in categories of advanced settings.

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Although the way of navigation imposed by Google is not always evaluated positively, the new rules can at least provide a relatively consistent experience of use on Android phones. The only question is whether users expect such unification … After all, one of the advantages of Android is the variety of devices and interfaces so that everyone can choose the perfect one for themselves.

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