Huawei Mate X will finally hit stores in late October

The new revolution on the smartphone market has scored a little slip. Samsung, which has become a kind of warning for other producers, was definitely the biggest slip-up here. Galaxy Fold had to be discontinued due to numerous design errors. Now it has returned and although it is still the same, extremely delicate device, it has been deprived of all critical flaws. Its biggest competitor is Huawei Mate X, which we still can not buy.

Huawei, busy with, among others, the struggle for survival, decided to draw conclusions from Samsung's mishap and postpone the launch of Mate X. Now, after introducing a number of design improvements as well as those related to software, Mate X will hit stores in late October. Is it worth to storm the stores? I don't think so. Firstly, the device will not be available in every country at first, and secondly its price is around PLN 8-9 thousand! The revolution, unfortunately, costs money.

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Mate X

What does Microsoft say? Well, the Redmond giant has long learned prudence and apparently he is not in a hurry. He does not need to participate in this rat race for a folded smartphone. Everything has one main purpose – user satisfaction and interest. Surface Duo will not appear until 2020 and although it shares many common features with Fold and Mate X, it is also noticeably less revolutionary. We won't find a flexible screen here, only two smaller ones. Although I would warmly welcome Microsoft's "real" folded smartphone, I cannot see a certain logic.

Looking at Fold's delicacy, I'm really worried about his life in the hands of inattentive users. In battle, this equipment is unlikely to survive long. This also applies to Mate X, whose screen placed outside and thus is even more vulnerable to damage. And Surface Duo? Although it does not have a flexible screen but two, traditional connected by a hinge, at the same time we will not scratch them, pressing harder with the fingernail. We will find out in the next few years which solution will stand the test of time.

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