Microsoft will allow you to install UWP applications on Surface Duo with Android … But not so simply

Earlier, we wrote about the petition of developers who are asking Panos Panaya and Satya Nadella to release Surface Duo with Windows 10X. First of all, it would enable them to reach UWP applications for telephones that have practically disappeared since Lumia's burial. Meanwhile, Microsoft says that you can publish UWP applications for Android phones … Except that the road to it is not so simple.

The dreams of many Microsoft fans about Surface Phone came true when the giant announced Surface Duo. The thing is that it will work under Android control, not Windows. Admittedly, together with Duo also announced Surface Neo, which is slightly larger and driven by Windows 10X, but it doesn't have a phone function. Can these two worlds be reconciled? Nothing is officially known about the possible Surface Duo with Windows 10X, but Microsoft explains that it doesn't slam the door in front of UWP applications.

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Surface Duo - UWP

Information about adding a UWP runtime environment to Android would satisfy developers at least partially. It is not so good. Instead, Microsoft refers in links to the Xamarin platform in Visual Studio:

Although Surface Duo will have Android OS, due to the end of Windows 10 Mobile support, you can install UWP applications on Android devices. Let us know if we have dispelled your doubts.

The answer written on Twitter @windowsdev has already been removed, which, however, does not mean that Microsoft is withdrawing from this position. Of course, UWP applications can be converted on the Xamarin platform and published in the Google Play Store, but the developers are more concerned about native support. In the case of Surface Neo, it is present, and Windows 10X also supports Win32 applications (through emulation). On the other hand, UWP applications are not that popular at all to create a new variation of a mobile device. Rather, Android can boast of an application base that has virtually nothing.

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What could actually encourage Surface Duo with Windows is support for all Windows applications. Recently, classic applications have unlocked features that were previously reserved for UWP. The borders were blurred and UWP is no longer such a strong card as it was in the time of Windows 10 Mobile.

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