More convenient file sharing from OneDrive in Outlook

In recent days, almost all our attention has been devoted Surface conferences. There was a lot going on in this topic, also when it comes to integration with Office 365, but that's not all! Microsoft introduced several new features at the interface of Outlook and OneDrive, which are worth a closer look.

More convenient file sharing from OneDrive in Outlook

In recent years, we've already described many amenities when it comes to sharing files within the Office 365 ecosystem. Nothing seems to be accidental here. Microsoft has put a lot of effort into making sharing consistent, reliable, intuitive and secure. So instead of adding files as attachments to emails, it's better to share them as links to OneDrive. This method guarantees that access to the file will be granted only to persons assigned to it.

OneDrive - link to a file in Outlook

This method also ensures that everyone has access to the same, always current version of the file. To improve the readability of the sharing experience, Microsoft has made a slight change at the interface of OneDrive and Outlook. Now, when we copy and paste the link to the file in OneDrive in the body of the message, Outlook Web App (OWA) will enter the file name into the hyperlink. Thanks to this, the recipient has a better insight into what content they receive than if they had to infer from a long and not legible URL. From here we also have the option to set access permits.

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Microsoft has also announced other news. One of them will definitely prove helpful to architects, engineers and producers. OneDrive and SharePoint have received support for previewing DWG files, i.e. the popular AutoCAD format. In addition, the OneDrive iOS mobile app now supports OCR (optical character recognition) in scanned PDF documents.

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