New Azure Data Box Edge models ready to work in difficult conditions

Azure Data Box is a series of terminal devices that Microsoft founded 2 years ago. They are used to securely store and transport data before it is transferred to the cloud. The devices differ in both capacity and construction. Some of them are strong enough to pass the exam in tactical conditions. Microsoft has just presented new improvements dedicated to these applications.

The Azure Data Box and Azure Stack product families have a wide field of application, including remote operations at government agencies or the military. When there are conditions for connection, these devices provide full cloud capabilities, and in other cases work offline. Azure Data Box Edge for example, it provides AI-powered processing capabilities and FPGAs that work well without an Internet connection. With their help, you can perform, for example, data analysis using machine learning, and after establishing connection transfer them to the cloud.

Today, we inform you that we are ready to provide a new form of Data Box Edge, which will be rubberized, portable and battery-friendly. The new mold will be rubber-coated in accordance with MIL-STD-810G and MIL-STG-461 standards. A single person can carry this device in the field, for example in a backpack, in remote and unconnected areas. In field operations, speed is the basis, and insights support decisions. We've worked with Klas Telecom to provide you with this new form that supports analytics with delegated operational units, land patrols or similar missions with the demand for tactical edge solutions and solutions that support quick decision making.

– Toni Townes-Whitley, President, US Regulated Industries at Microsoft

Microsoft does not hide that some of its solutions were created specifically for the army – of course the American. As the company's headquarters are in the US, this fact is not surprising, however, some employees are not happy that the technology they developed in good faith will increase (euphemistically speaking) the effectiveness of combat effectiveness, i.e. mortality.

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