Pixel 4 officially presented and did not surprise us

Yesterday's conference Google could be reduced to one sentence: "Good morning, all leaks were real. Here is Pixel 4. Goodbye and thank you for your attention." Google definitely has a small problem keeping its new smartphone secret. So the new Pixel saw the light of day and all in all it is such a small monster that can be liked at the same time … While the previous Pixels were still part of the trends on the smartphone market, the four totally break with them.

Pixel 4

Pixel 4 is not a pretty smartphone. Huge frames, big forehead, flat screen, terrible even square camera module at the back. It's hard to call this phone beautiful because it just isn't. Inside you'll find Snapdragon 855, 6GB RAM and up to 128 GB of memory. The smaller Pixel has a battery 2800 mAh and XL 3700 mAh. The screen, apart from the issue of huge frames, is one of the biggest advantages of this phone and its 90 Hz refresh ensures great smoothness of interface and application operation.

In a huge forehead that I wrote about a long time ago, Google hid Salt radar, now called Motion Sense. Is this a revolution? Not really because the functionality of this radar is currently negligible. The testers' first impressions indicate that it works very whimsically and all in all its biggest advantage is the detection of the user's presence.

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The radar creates a radar bubble around the smartphone and is able to detect our presence before we even touch the device. It works great in conjunction with face detection. The phone is unlocked before the smartphone screen is in sight. This must work reliably, because in the footsteps of Apple, Google only focused on face recognition. Pixel 4 does not have a fingerprint reader.

Pixel has always been synonymous with the photographic giant. We will find out if the four will continue this tradition for some time after the camera has been checked in battle. The first impressions, however, are very ambiguous. The quality of the first samples confirms that Pixel 4 is again a top photographic smartphone. Google, however, made some very strange decisions here. The first is to use only two cameras – one is a standard lens with a 12 MP matrix and the other is a 16 MP telephoto.

At the same time, they were placed in a huge and extremely ugly camera module, where they are accompanied only by a lighting diode and an autofocus laser. There is not enough room for a third wide-angle lens, but we will not find it here. In the case of the Google phone camera, the real magic begins at the software level, and this time this magic will allow, among others, to take pictures night sky.

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To sum up, Google is consistently following its unusual path, ignoring trends in the smartphone world. Is this a good tactic – sales bars will be the best indicator of this. Of course, not in Poland, because here we will not officially buy Pixels … Again.

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