See how Steve Ballmer reacted to the new Surface line

Steve Ballmer … A controversial figure, the head of Microsoft during the "dark decade", currently the owner of Clippers, investor and occasional commentator the activities of his former company. In recent days, he was a guest at the GeekWire Summit 2019, about the NBA, problems with China, but also about what he learned from Bill Gates and finally what he thinks about the new generation of Surface devices. It's definitely worth looking at these things from his perspective!

Ballmer met Microsoft's co-founder at Harvard College. The relationship has been going on for over four decades, of which the lion's share is working together in Redmond, where Ballmer spent a total of 34 years (1980-2014), of which the last 14 years as CEO. He claims that Bill Gates is the smartest and most ambitious person he met. First of all, I learned how competitive you can be – says former director. The lesson I got from Bill is really about competition – understanding competition, working on competition and what ensures success (in terms) of competition. Apparently, this science did not go into the woods, because today Ballmer is the 17 richest man in the world, the owner of 51 billion in fortune.

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When asked about the recently presented new Surface line, Ballmer seemed extremely excited, although it is not at all a unique reaction (Developers, developers, developers … Wow! I love this company!).

The new Surface line is amazing! Amazing! In terms of competition – come on, Microsoft, come on!

Steve has admitted that he has not tested yet Surface Duo and due to regulations as an outsider, there is no access to non-public Microsoft technologies with the exception of those from the Hardware Group, which, however, can not disclose because he is a shareholder. He also added that Microsoft is on extremely good way as a company and is doing great with business, especially the cloud.

He also draws attention to Windows, which, according to some commentators, is no longer so important for Microsoft, while in fact it earns billions every year: There are not many new profit streams that you can invent and that would generate the kind of profit that Windows does.

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