Surface Neo and Windows 10X. The foldable Surface has finally seen the light of day!

After updates to the existing Laptop, Pro, Audio and Pen lines, it is time for a product that can open a new category. This product is Surface Neo. Thus, Microsoft actually entered the category of folding devices with two screens, but did it in a completely innovative way. This device is foldable, but two screens are accompanied by an additional foldable keyboard.

Surface Neo

Surface Neo has the thinnest LCD screens ever made. Two 9-inch screens are connected by a sophisticated hinge system to ensure the perfect assembly experience. As we have a new category of hardware, it naturally goes hand in hand with the new operating system. Earlier leaks have proved to be true and Microsoft presents today Windows 10X. This system has been designed and optimized for dual-screen devices, such as Surface Neo.

Surface Neo

When we open an application, it opens on one screen, while on the other we can open another. This facilitates multitasking and data flow between applications. Of course, nothing prevents you from dragging windows from one screen to another or developing an application on two screens. Using the example of Outlook, we can get a menu and a list of messages on one screen and a message window on another. However, when you want to use the keyboard, just fold it up and the bottom screen will change its face, taking the form of an auxiliary panel. It can then also be used as a trackpad.

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Surface Neo

There are (and will be) more possible interaction between two Surface Neo screens. When the keyboard is unfolded, we can move the contents of the main screen to the bottom panel to, for example, continue watching video on it, while on the main screen we will write or do anything else.

Surface Neo

Surface Neo is a new device class that combines hardware technology with its dedicated Windows 10X system. It is now worth paying some attention to what is under the cover of the foldable Surface. A whole new layout was placed there Intel Lakefield Processor. This is the first of its kind hybrid CPU, dedicated to devices with two screens.

Surface Neo

As a new category, Surface Neo will soon be handed over to developers so that they can address its specific capabilities.

Surface Neo along with Windows 10X will be available next year.

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