The PC market has just achieved the highest growth in 7 years

How is the PC market prospering? For several years, it could only be said every year that it has not been so bad for a long time. While smartphones are becoming stronger and cheaper, many users no longer see the need to have a machine with a capacious disk, large screen, comfortable keyboard, speakers or a powerful processor. For simple, everyday tasks, a device in the pocket is enough for them. The personal computer market is still alive, and what's more – rising from its knees!

The mobile trend can no longer be underestimated, but it is also not so that it completely displaces PCs. Both traditional tin cans and thin laptops have their loyal users, for whom phones are only a complement, not the only choice. As the latest Canalys report shows, in the last quarter the PC market recorded the highest growth since the first quarter of 2012, i.e. from the period before the collapse. The study covering Q3 2019 includes desktops, notebooks and workstations. Their sales achieved an increase of 4.7%, which translates into 70.9 million units sold. It's not been that good for 7 years!

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PC sale - Q3 2019

Lenovo remains a top producer, although its share is very similar to HP and each of them has almost a quarter of the market. On the other hand, among the top five manufacturers, it was HP that scored the highest sales growth, as much as 8.5% compared to the same quarter last year. Producers such as Dell, Apple and Acer also saw an increase, although the overall increase is negative. Canalys explains the growing demand for PC by various factors, such as the upgrade to Windows 10, seasonal assortment sales and macroeconomic conditions.

PC sale - Q3 2019

A total of 79.6% of the PC market takes the first five producers, while the first two – 48%. Despite such good results, it is not so easy for manufacturers to reach customers with attractive offers. The problems result not only from the competitiveness of smartphones, but also from the economic conflict on the US-China line. An increase in tariffs for laptops and tablets manufactured in China was announced for mid-December, so the result achieved in the last quarter may not be repeated too soon.

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