UWP developers can already register applications for the Launch 2020 event

Earlier this year, the UWP Community launched a new event called Launchwhich serves as a platform to promote UWP applications. Thanks to it, apps such as the new myTube version have become more familiar! or Spotimo – Spotify client. Launch will be a cyclical event, and today one of the creators of the project, Arlo Godfrey, announced the opening of registration for the 2020 edition.

The announcement was made on an unofficial Discord server of the community and it is worth quoting its most important points. First of all, next year's edition is focused on original applications rather than those that replicate the functionality of existing ones. It also focuses on new applications and large updates that developers can plan. It is also worth specifying what exactly falls under the UWP banner.

UWP Community - Launch

Well, the rules allow you to report PWA and React Native applications, as long as they remain universal, scalable and have access to the WinRT API. In other words, apps must make use of the Windows 10 feature. Developers still have a lot of time to register, because it will last until March 31, 2020.

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If you are interested in participating in the event or want to view this year's projects, all information can be found on the website UWP Community.

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