Violation protection is enabled by default for Windows 10 home users

Microsoft has announced that the violation protection feature in Windows Defender has become publicly available. It can be enabled in organizations using Microsoft Intune, reported and hunted for attempted violations, as well as used in Windows 10 Home, where it becomes enabled by default. First, however, it's worth explaining exactly what this type of protection is.

Protection against violations - Windows Defender

Protection against violations prevents unwanted changes to the protection settings on devices. When this protection takes place, customers can fight malware and threats that try to disable protection features. It also prevents you from removing updates and turning off the entire security solution. It protects features such as:

  • Real-time protection that should almost never be turned off.
  • Cloud-based protection that blocks never-before-seen malware.
  • IOAV (IE Downloads and Outlook Express Attachments), i.e. protection against downloaded files.
  • Behavioral monitoring that detects suspicious behavior and blocks it.
  • Security Analytics Updates for Windows Defender Antivirus.
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Microsoft has announced that the feature will now be enabled by default in Windows 10 Home:

Violation protection will be turned on by default for home users, automatically increasing defense against attacks. We are currently turning this functionality on gradually. Some customers will start to see the setting on their devices. Clients can use the Windows Security application to view or change the violation protection settings and enable the feature manually.

We believe that for home and commercial customers it is crucial to enable violation protection, which ensures that key security solutions are not circumvented. We will continue to work on this feature, including adding support for older versions of Windows. We will announce these extensions when they become available.

– Shweta Jha, Microsoft Defender ATP team

You can check the infringement protection settings yourself by opening the Windows Security application and going to the section Virus and threat protection> Virus and threat protection settings> Manage settings.

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