Where exactly does the camera fit in Surface Duo? This is not so obvious

Presented yesterday Surface Phone Surface Duo is in many respects a device that is unique and mysterious. Despite the huge hype, Microsoft presented it rather briefly, probably because it is still a prototype. The phone will hit the market only before Christmas season next year and some of its features may change by then. Something, however, was found.

On materials shared yesterday you can see that the camera is located above one of the screens, and therefore only on the inside. This is a unique design, because virtually every smartphone today has a main camera on the back cover. Actually, the situation in the big brother Duo – Surface Neo – does not look better, which on one render has a camera next to the screen, and on others not. Where does this inconsistency come from and where will the wandering camera eventually end up? The editor of the WIRED portal sheds light on this matter:

Microsoft had two product versions on hand when I visited the campus in Remond, Washington last week. One was closer to the finish when it came to hardware, but the software was unusable. It was an almost exact replica of Neo, only smaller, with 5.6-inch screens and a diagonal of about 8 inches when unfolded.

Surface Duo, which Panos Panay had worn for almost six months, was black, not white, and was running an Android 9 Pie version that had been modified to support dual screens.

In fact, the latest version of Duo does not have a rear camera. It is currently designed so that taking a photo requires opening the Duo, unlocking the Duo and flipping its front camera to the back of the device. I asked about this more than once. Panay says it's still early days, that the camera may change, that he is afraid to reveal it for now because it would expose design to the competition.

It's our efforts over the past two and a half years, so there is a balance between the number of details that I can pass (and those that I can't), even if they concern the camera – he told me.

– Lauren Goode, WIRED

Surface Neo / Surface Duo

So it looks like the device that Surface's main designer had worn for some time is a prototype just like the one that Microsoft showed to a wider audience yesterday. There are probably more prototypes and it is not known which construction will be used in the final product.

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