Will Surface Duo be released with different camera configurations and a new CPU?

Many issues related to Microsoft's two-screen devices – Surface Neo and Duo – are in question, at least for the outside world. There is still more than a year until the premiere of the devices and during this time the company can change their design, components, system versions and even colors. We recently wondered where the camera in the Surface Duo actually sits. The new answer to this question is not unambiguous, but a little more satisfying. We also learn a little more about the future of the first Microsoft Android phone.

On the same hardware conference Microsoft has not confirmed or denied the existence of various versions of Surface Duo. This topic was left unsaid, and there was only one model on the show: in gray and with the camera above the screen. The conference has its own rules, but it was different at the press show. Media representatives could talk to, among others with Panos Panay and ask him some (uncomfortable in retrospect) questions, and take a close look at his own copy of Surface Duo, which he had carried with him for over half a year. On one of video from the meeting you can clearly notice a completely different variant of Duo: black and with a large dummy camera on the back cover of the phone.

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Surface Duo - camera

According to an earlier report, Panay and the team are not too effusive not to reveal the details of the competition. The devices will hit the market next Christmas season and their design may change. In another report, in turn, we can read that in terms of hardware, Surface Duo is practically ready and will remain closed for the next year, while Microsoft will be preparing a platform for developers, services, etc. Most likely, there will be two variants of the Duo with and without a rear camera , although there may be more than two color options.

Surface Duo is currently working on a modified Snapdragon 855 chipset, but it's almost certain that it will be replaced next year with something newer. Most likely Qualcomm will design a special layout for him. It will be no different with the operating system, which will also need to be refreshed. The prototype works under the control of Android 9 Pie, while it has been available for a month Android 10and next year will be version 11.

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