Windows 10 has received support for network cameras. He also provides them with AI services

The growing demand for monitoring solutions in many industries has led to rapid growth in the hardware market. Network cameras – IP-based cameras that transmit data over a local area network (LAN) – form the basis of these solutions. They are used by security officers and supervisors in a variety of environments, including in schools, hospitals, stadiums, airports and shops. Network cameras are also used to monitor traffic.

Microsoft has announced new opportunities that developers can build machine learning security solutions on the Windows platform. Support is present in Windows 10, starting from build 18995 (20h1). It allows you to discover, pair, configure and stream in collaboration with devices compatible with ONVIF Profile S. ONVIF is a leading industry forum that provides standardized interfaces enabling effective interoperability of IP-based physical protection products. Over 12,000 devices already comply with this specification.

After pairing with a Windows PC, the camera streams go through the existing Windows camera APIs. The system provides high performance streaming from a network camera to camera applications and supports a wide range of architectures, including x86, AMD64, ARM and ARM64. Thanks to the built-in support, developers have been given a coherent platform on which they can build their monitoring solutions. Thanks to this, they can focus on business logic and not worry about camera drivers or middleware.

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Windows provides support for pairing ONVIF cameras via the WinRT API and the "Add Device" wizard in Windows 10. In addition, camera applications that excel in Windows 10 Insider Build 18995 SDK or higher can stream from the URI (Unified Resource Identifier) โ€‹โ€‹of a given RTSP through the same camera API in Windows. This is useful for creating solutions that use non-ONVIF cameras or applications that allow users to enter an RTSP URI as a video source instead of pairing the camera with the device.

Windows also provides AI services and capabilities that allow developers to create comprehensive security solutions. Common scenarios include recognizing people or analyzing emotions on faces. Developers can use the Windows Vision Skills offer, which includes computer image recognition modules ready to be integrated with applications without the need for knowledge of AI. Developers can use the WinML API for existing AI applications with machine learning models.

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